Audio-technica At6012 plokštelių valymo rinkinys



Plokštelių valymo komplektas Audio-Technica AT-AT6012.

Komplektacijoje: Šepetėlis ir specialus valiklis plokštelėms valyti.

Prekės kodas: AT-AT6012

Made in Japan

The AT6012 record care kit is very effective in many ways: One application improves tracking,
fidelity of your record, musical accuracy of playback, and reduces cartridge stylus wear.
The scientific formula of the AT6012 record care solution gently removes microdust and
other contaminants, dissolves fingerprints and eliminates static electricity.


18,00  su PVM


How to use record cleaning kit

Step 1
Dry cleaning first your LP vinyl with a velvet brush or a soft cloth.

Step 2
Apply fluid into the 2 holes located on top of the velvet AT brush.
Once the fluid has absorbed into the brush its ready to use.

Step 3
Start your turntable (but dont lower stylus onto record) and gently place the
AT brush on the record with the leading edge at an angle (see below picture).


Once you have done this, wait until the record is completely dry and enjoy!
You should notice an improvement in sound quality.

Package Include :

Cleaning solution 2 fl. oz x 1
Double-sided adhesive tape x 1
Velvet brush pad x 1
Storage base x 1

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